Iphone 5S Rumor: Apple Eying Sharp IGZO Screens

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It's three months on from the launch of the iPhone 5, and if rumors are to be believed, we're almost halfway to the launch of the next version of the iPhone. That means it's time to start combing shipping reports for iPhone 5S rumors.

This week's rumor comes courtesy of DigiTimes, a Taiwanese publication that focuses on manufacturers in Taiwan. Their report states that Apple is currently looking to use Sharp's IGZO panels in their next generation of iPhones, iPads, and iPad Minis. According to unnamed "industry sources," Apple is discussing production capacity estimates with Sharp and asking about similar AU Optronics technology.

This isn't a particularly new rumor. Sharp's IGZO screens would allow smartphones to be thinner and have more accurate touch screens. In addition, the technology could allow for higher resolution displays and lower power consumption. As these are obviously goals future Apple devices will work towards, it's a safe bet that the technology will show up in i-devices in the near future.

Exactly when that future is depends on panel manufacturers and their ability to provide quality products in the huge volumes Apple requires. As far back as one year ago DigiTimes reported rumors that the New iPad (iPad 3) would feature an IGZO display. That obviously didn't pan out, but Sharp has had an entire year to bring their manufacturing capabilities up to snuff. If IGZO really is the future, we'll see it in devices starting this year.

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