iPhone 5S Available for Lowest Price Yet at Walmart

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If you've been waiting for prices to go down to purchase an iPhone 5S, the time is now, as Walmart has slashed their prices on the latest iPhone models. The iPhone 5S was selling for $145 at Walmart with a two-year plan, but you can now purchase the phone for $119. Walmart has reduced their price on the iPhone 5C as well. The new price cuts have many people wondering whether this is an indicator that we could see the iPhone 6 released sooner than anticipated.

Walmart, who had the lowest iPhone 5S price around when the phone was first released in September 2013, announced the latest price cuts last week. Customers upgrading to the 16 GB iPhone 5S can save at least $26 compared to Walmart's competitors when purchasing their device if they go through the mega retailer. Customers who are looking for an iPhone upgrade but are on a budget can purchase the iPhone 5C for $29 at Walmart, which is a price cut of $16 from the former price.

So far Walmart hasn't stated when the prices on the iPhone 5S and 5C will go up, or if they will go up at all. Customers can purchase the phone at the reduced rate by signing a two-year plan through Verizon or AT&T Mobility at Walmart. Just for comparison's sake, if you were to purchase the iPhone 5S directly through AT&T, the purchase price would be $199 with a two-year agreement.

Considering that the iPhone 5S was released less than one year ago, some people find it strange that there have been so many price cuts so far, which is prompting even more speculation that Apple may release another iPhone over the summer. Many consumers are hoping for a larger iPhone with the next release, as Apple has not remotely kept up with HTC, Samsung, and other companies as far as screen size is concerned.

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