iPhone 5 To Support NFC?

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I know what you're thinking, the iPhone 5 isn't even here yet and it's already in favor of the National Football Conference. Well, you're wrong. . .kind of. NFC or Near-Field Communications is a technology that relays information in an instant simply from a touch or swiping a device close to a NFC port. Recently it has been reported that the iPhone 5 will support this technology; some say it wasn't added to the 4s because the technology wasn't quite as wide spread.

A representative from Mastercard, Ed McLaughlin has hinted that Apple is going to include NFC in the new smartphones. In an interview he did with Fastcompany McLaughlin stated:

"I don't know of a handset manufacturer that isn't in process of making sure their stuff is PayPass ready."

PayPass is Mastercard's plan for NFC and Mr. McLaughlin, being the head of "Emerging Payments" at Mastercard, is set to be the first to know about such technology besides Apple itself.

Not much more is known at this time about NFC and iPhone, but if any developments occur, WebProNews will report on the situation.

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