iPhone 5 To Get A Liquipel Waterproof Coating (Rumor)

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One of the most interesting entries in this year’s CES conference was Liquipel. This remarkable technology promises to make your gadgets completely waterproof. Now it looks like some upcoming smartphones may have Liquipel technology right out of the box.

According to a rumor published by Today’s iPhone, Apple’s next iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S III will ship with a Liquipel coating. The report comes from a source inside a British independent phone retailer. Apparently insurance policies relating to the two phones are being changes to alter how they handle water damage, the leading cause of insurance claims on mobile devices.

While this is a rumor and deserves its fair share of skepticism, this is exactly the kind of thing Apple likes to do with its products. When the iPhone 3GS launched, Apple made much of the oleophobic coating on the device’s screen. A waterproof coating like Liquipel (or HzO’s Waterblock technology) would be a relatively small change that Apple could turn into a major selling point. What’s more, it would be fantastic news for the 75% of us who take our phones with us to the toilet.

While there are no devices that currently ship with a Liquipel coating, getting your device treated is a fairly simple process, provided you can stand to be separated from your phone for a couple days. For $59.99 Liquipel will treat an iPhone 4S within 1-2 days of receiving the device. For an extra $10, they will treat it within 2 hours.

Here’s a video of Liquipel in action.

What do you think? Would a waterproof coating be a strong selling point for Apple’s next iPhone? Sound off in the comments.

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