iPhone 5 Screens (Finally) Being Shipped by Sharp

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Sharp, one of the three manufacturers making the LCD displays for the iPhone 5, has finally begun shipping iPhone 5 screens. The production of the screens has been delayed for weeks now, as was learned back at the end of August. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a "person with knowledge of the situation" said Sharp had begun production of the screens earlier this week.

This almost certainly means customers who were some of the first to preorder the phone will get iPhone 5s with LCD panels from either Japan Display or LG Display, the other two manufacturers producing the panels. It is clear that Apple felt those two manufacturers were able to provide enough screens for the massive product launch that Apple no doubt has planned.

What is unclear is whether this delay might have impacted the number of iPhone 5s Apple has been able to manufacture so far. It's possible that the sell-out of the first shipment of iPhone 5s this morning might have been helped along by lower initial shipment numbers. With Sharp finally caught up, though, it won't be long now before millions of iPhone 5s find their way into the hands of customers.

Foxconn, one of the major manufacturers of Apple products, has invested heavily in Sharp.