iPhone 5 Rumor: Video Shows New iPhone's Metal Back Up Close

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Rumors about the new iPhone's upcoming redesign have gotten a major boost today thanks to a hands-on video of the iPhone's new metal back panel. While there have been rumors for some time that Apple would be making big changes to the new iPhone's design, no one was quite sure what those changes would look like. Last week, though, two sets of images and a schematic surfaced that gave as much information about the new iPhone's look as you could hope for (without finding one in a bar).

Now, thanks to electronics component supplier ETrade Supply, we have more than pictures. They seem to have gotten their hands on one of the new rear panels, and were kind enough to post a video about it. The video confirms a lot of what has been suspected about the new iPhone: it's longer and thinner than its predecessor, it has a unibody metal frame, the SIM card slot is slightly different, the current dock connector has been replaced with a smaller version, the speakers are larger, and the headphone jack (unfortunately) has been moved to the bottom.

Now, it's always possible that this isn't the final version of the new iPhone's back panel. It could be a prototype, or it could be an extremely elaborate fake. If it isn't, though, then it looks like we've already got a really good idea of what the next iPhone will look like. The only thing left to learn is what new features (e.g., 4G LTE) it will have. While the expected unveiling of iOS 6 at next week's WWDC 2012 Apple keynote may provide hints, we won't know for sure until the iPhone is officially announced. For that, alas, we will likely have to wait until October (or maybe September).

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