iPhone 5 Rumor: The Smaller Dock Connector Isn't Exclusive To The New iPhone

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One persistent iPhone 5 rumor that has been confirmed via multiple leaks is that the device will have a smaller dock connector. With the rumored size of the iPhone 5, it only makes sense to have a smaller dock connector. It still doesn't make it any better that consumers will have to buy a whole new array of accessories to support this new size. A new rumor suggests that Apple isn't stopping their miniaturization plans with the iPhone 5.

According to sources speaking to iMore, Apple intends to reveal a smaller dock connector for all their products at the company's all but confirmed showing in September. Alongside the iPhone 5 and its new dock connector, we can expect to see the entire lineup support the new dock connector. According to iMore, this includes the new iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and an updated version of this year's iPad that includes the smaller dock connector.

The size of the iPhone 5 is what most believe the reason behind the smaller dock connector to be. The other platforms, barring the redesigned iPod Touch and iPod Nano, don't really need a smaller dock connector. It makes sense, however, for two very important reasons.

The first is that Apple obviously wants to standardize everything across both of their platforms. Having some devices use the smaller dock connector while others use the larger would make no sense from a design standpoint. The second can be attributed to simple business. Everybody owns all the dock connector accessories for their iPhone 4S and iPad. Why would they need to buy anymore accessories? Switching to a new size might turn off some fans, but Apple fans will generally buy up new accessories anyway. It's smart business and it should help bolster their already massive bottom line in the current quarter.

Once again, none of this is confirmed. We all know that the iPhone 5 is going to use a smaller dock connector, but we can't be sure of the rest. We haven't seen anything on the iPad Mini front and it makes little sense to release a new version of this year's iPad with the only change being a new dock connector. We'll find out soon enough though as Apple's iPhone 5 event is rumored to take place on September 12.

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