iPhone 5 Rumor: Release Date Before October 15th For Sprint?

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Is something big coming to Sprint in the next few weeks?

Dozens of rumors in the last couple of weeks have pointed to the fact that Apple's iPhone 5 will be coming to Sprint's Now Network, whenever it decides to grace us with its presence. There have also been rumblings that the iPhone 5 will be making an appearance on T-Mobile as well, which would mean that big players AT&T and Verizon would cease to have the market cornered on Apple mania.

This latest hint not only backs up the "iPhone coming to Sprint" rumors but it might give us a little more information on when the device will launch for everyone.

SprintFeed has happened upon another internal memo, one suggesting that Sprint is locking down its troops in preparation for something huge.

The leaked document says: Due to the possibility of a major phone launch in October we are black out September 30th through October 15th..

Translation: Good luck scheduling any time off, guys!

As Mark Hearn at SprintFeed says,

Considering that the Epic 4G Touch is already out of the bag, what else can it be? Everything here suggests the iPhone making its highly anticipated debut on the Now Network. Looking at the referenced time period, we’re pretty sure that this “big” unnamed device will hit between the blackout dates. This would allow time for employee training, release date preparation and finally the aftermath of sales.

If the memo is indeed referencing the iPhone 5, what does it tell us? For one, that Sprint is getting it - but we have already heard a lot about that. Second, it tells us that the iPhone 5 should launch by October 15th at the latest, maybe earlier. This would coincide with many other rumors we've heard about the device releasing in early to mid-October.

On Friday, we heard that the iPhone 5 might be coming to Sprint with an unlimited data plan offering. This move would allow Sprint to compete with AT&T and Verizon for iPhone customers, since both of those carriers no longer offer unlimited data flat-rate plans.

Here are some more rumors we've heard about the iPhone 5 and Sprint -

  • Early reports indicate that the phone will launch sometime in mid-October. That source named an actual date – October 7th.
  • Late last month, an internal memo leaked that showed Sprint upper management directing employees to keep mum regarding the iPhone 5 release. They were specifically instructed to give a “no comment” response when any customer asked them directly.
  • Last week, a Best Buy document surfaced detailing a probable early October release date for the iPhone 5 as well as a release on Sprint.
  • Finally, Sprint is reportedly installing network repeaters in Apple stores in order to boost signal quality for next month’s release.
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