iPhone 5 Rumor: New iPhone Getting A Quad Core Processor?

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Before the release of the new iPad back in March there were widespread rumors that the tablet would be getting a quad-core A6 processor. Then, shortly before the launch event, rumors began to surface that the production of the A6 couldn't be ramped up quickly enough, and so Apple had decided to use an enhanced version of the dual-core A5 processor found in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. Whether Apple actually had a quad-core A6 in the works or not is unclear, but they did put the A5X in the new iPad. Since then the question has been whether the new iPhone, likely set for an autumn release, would have the A5X as well.

According to recent news from DigiTimes, the answer to that question appears to be no. Citing "industry sources," they're reporting that the new iPhone will be getting a quad-core processor, specifically the Samsung Exynos 4 processor.

Of course, this is DigiTimes, so you definitely want to take it with a sizable helping of salt. Even so, Samsung's processor may be as good a candidate as any for the new iPhone. Despite the two companies' rivalry at the consumer level, Samsung is one of the main suppliers of Apple's components, and Apple in turn is one of Samsung's biggest component customers. In other words, this may be one of DigiTimes's "stopped clock" moments. Or maybe not. With the iPhone not likely to release before October, we've still got a bit of waiting to do before we know for sure.