iPhone 5 Rumor: More Release Date Evidence

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Over the weekend, a few reports popped up that all seem to suggest one thing: The iPhone 5 launch is around the corner. Of course, as it's customary to remind everyone, rumors are rumors, which is why they're called rumors. Got it?

First up, Japanese Apple blog Macotakara is reporting that manufacturing has already begun on the latest device.

According to "Chinese sources," Foxconn Technology and Pegatrom Technology have already started producing the iPhone 5. The blog also states that the finished phones are not being packaged yet because iOS 5 has yet to be finalized.

Apparently, Foxconn will be producing about 85% of the iPhone 5s while Pegatron will be producing the remaining 15%.

Next, BGR reported yesterday that they obtained a leaked document from a "Best Buy source." According to that document, the higher-ups at Best Buy expect the iPhone 5 to launch during the first week of October.

They say that pre-sales for the device could begin as early as this week. Another interesting thing about this leak is that Best Buy is also announcing the the iPhone 5 launch will include Sprint. This is not the first rumor we have heard about the new iPhone coming to Sprint.

Finally, it looks like Apple may have started iOS 5 and iCloud training with Apple Store employees.

The timing of the iOS 5 training might be able to tell us something about a possible iPhone 5 release. If history proves correct, the brand new operating system is likely to be rolled out pretty close to the launch of a new device. And, as 9to5 Mac points out, Apples Stores usually being training of new software a few weeks before a product launch. If Apple Store employees are already in training mode, could that signify an earlier release for the iPhone 5?

All of these rumors, taken as one, seem to suggest the already expected timeline of a September pre-order period followed by an early October launch. They add fuel to that already blazing fire. But then again, Apple has yet to say anything regarding the existence of a new iPhone. And of course, that's what makes the whole rumor process so much fun, and so tedious at the same time.

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