iPhone 5 Rumor: More Leaked Parts Seemingly Confirm Smaller SIM Card

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Thanks to the release of iOS 6 Beta 4, we have been able to confirm a number of rumors concerning the iPhone 5. There are still some rumors that the iOS 6 beta can't confirm. Thankfully, people are leaking iPhone 5 parts from Chinese factories so that we can get a better look at the device.

French tech site Nowhereelse had recently obtained parts for the iPhone 5 from a Chinese forum called iColorOS. As you can see in the image above, the parts seem to confirm much of the rumors that we've been hearing. The screen is indeed larger. What's interesting however is the new SIM cart. It's the rumored nano-SIM that we've been hearing about.

As is the case with the confirmed smaller 9-pin dock connector, the smaller SIM card doesn't seem that important at first glance. It's immensely important, however, when you consider how much more technology Apple is going to be able to cram into the iPhone 5. With the components getting smaller, Apple will be able to implement more technology like the rumored NFC chips.

Besides the obvious benefit of being able to fit more tech inside the phone, going smaller helps improve heat dispersement and battery life. Rumors have suggested that the iPhone 5 has been facing battery life problems. Apple may have moved to smaller components to combat that problem.

With the rumored confirmation of a smaller SIM card out of the way, it seems that we're almost in the clear as far as iPhone 5 rumors go. Various sources have pretty much confirmed almost everything there is to know about the device. Apple is reportedly holding an event on September 12 to formally announce the device. We'll find out just how right all these leaks were then.

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