iPhone 5 Rumor: LTE Support Going Worldwide

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It's been rumored for the longest time that the iPhone 5 will feature 4G LTE support. It only makes sense as the competition has been reaping the benefits of LTE speeds for quite some time now. With the iPad getting LTE support earlier this year, it's almost guaranteed that the next iPhone will get the same. It may even come with an added bonus.

A report from the Wall Street Journal says that the iPhone 5 will support worldwide LTE. This would allow iPhone users to enjoy 4G speeds across the U.S., Europe and Asia. It's a major selling point among those who frequently travel the world. The iPhone 4S is global ready, but the iPhone 5 will reportedly be the first to offer LTE.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 5's global LTE network might be hampered by either technological or business reasons. The sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal said that global LTE may not be available from every carrier. Apple would need to set up the LTE chip on its phone to support the 36 different LTE bands that are currently in use around the world. Doing so is possible, but would lead to a more costly phone.

We're likely to hear all the details on the iPhone 5 on Wednesday when Apple unveils the new device. The rumors seem to have spoiled all the major features of the new phone, but a confirmation of global ready LTE would be a pleasant surprise. It would be a big boost to the traveling businessman market who may pick up an iPhone 5 after abandoning the 4S for an LTE global ready Android handset.

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