iPhone 5 Rumor: Concept Video Puts New iPhone's Pieces Together

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We've learned an awful lot about Apple's next iPhone (probably called "the new iPhone," rather than the iPhone 5 or iPhone 6). There have been a slew of details leaked about the iPhone's design, centered largely on a few sets of images that show the redesigned case and front panel. There's even been a hands-on video of the new iPhone's case being compared to the iPhone 4S.

We also know a fair bit about iOS 6, which will likely be revealed at next week's WWDC 2012 Apple keynote, and will launch alongside the new iPhone (probably in the fall).

What we don't know, though, is how all this will fit together. We have a good idea of what the iPhone's new design is, but what will it actually look like? Well, a concept video released yesterday gives us a little bit of insight in that department. The video shows the new iPhone in black and white next to each other. It includes the rumored fifth row of apps on the the iOS home screen, and reflects the design of the case shown in the images that have come out so far. Check it out for yourself below:

Assuming these part leaks have been genuine - that is, assuming the leaked case doesn't belong on an iPhone prototype or something like that - then it's a fair bet that what you're just saw is really close to what the next iPhone will look like.

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