iPhone 5 Release Date Is Going To Be Huge


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When the iPhone 5's rumored release date rolls around this September, what's going to happen? Will people claw their way to the store and beat out the competition to be the first to obtain the device? Will they give up on a vacation just to afford the new iPhone? It's looking more like all of the above and then some.

Analytics company ListenLogic recently ran a study on the iPhone 5 and consumer perception for Apple. The company didn't have that great of a quarter thanks to struggling iPhone sales. The reported cause is that everybody is waiting for the iPhone 5, but how much of that is true? ListenLogic started asking consumers questions about the iPhone 5 over a four- week period and analyzed six million social media conversations to come to their conclusion.

Among the responses, some of them are actually quite surprising. Out of all those who participated in the study, 23 percent said they would postpone buying clothes, cars and paying for vacations just to afford the iPhone 5. ListenLogic says that brand loyalty is Apple's strongest asset.

“This willingness to sacrifice to buy Apple products may be the single biggest measure of brand loyalty and the greatest source of anxiety for the competition,” ListenLogic CEO Vincent Schiavone said. “The current data show that only Apple can unseat Apple.”

The social media response has been staggering as well. Last year, intent to purchase the iPhone 5 based on social recommendations was only at 48 percent last year. That number has increased to 82 percent. A strong showing in social media indicates that the iPhone 5 is going to be the must have device this year.

On a final note, what should come as a surprise to no one is that 82 percent of current iPhone owners have expressed intent to purchase the iPhone 5. What's even better is that 29 percent of those who buy the iPhone 5 plan to hand off the older models to their kids or friends. This only serves to increase brand awareness and brand loyalty.

I think we can all agree with Schiavone when he says that the iPhone 5 launch will be "epic." Whether you like it or not, Apple commands the most fierce brand loyalty when it comes to phones and tablets. The iPhone 5 release is going to be huge, but I can't wait to see how huge. Here's hoping nobody gets trampled as people rush to the store for one.