iPhone 5 Prank Is Perhaps Most Wasteful Joke Ever

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People in Amsterdam are less than happy with a group of funny guys who decided to conduct a social experiment involving the coveted iPhone 5.

The phone, which won't be released there until Friday, has already garnered a bit of madness here in the states, where Apple mania is everywhere you look at the news of an updated product. Amsterdam is no different, with people so intent to own the product that this joke just seems cruel. Not to mention wasteful.

Apparently, when an iPhone is glued to the sidewalk, people will display every emotion in the gamut while trying to claim it.

Actually, the prank doesn't prove anything about the greed of an Apple fan, because any number of those people could have been trying to scoop it up before it got stepped on to try and find the owner. It happens, right?

Amanda Crum
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