iPhone 5 Parody Promo Takes Photo Obsession to its Logical Conclusion

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With all of the rumors, leaked designs, and general posturing about Apple's new iPhone, I'm happy to report that it can all come to an end. That's because the internet has given us the official leaked iPhone 5 promo video.

And you know it's straight from the folks at Apple because it features a guy in a black shirt sitting in front of a stark white background.

Okay, it's not actually from Apple. It comes courtesy of Adam Sacks, and it's a parody video that puts a "truth" about the iPhone on display:

It's just a digital camera that happens to be a phone.

Now, I could argue that I use my iPhone for texting, Tweeting, Foursquare check-ins, Spotify, and much much more. But it's hard to argue against the fact that a lot of people simply use their iPhones to snap Instagram photos of their dinners.

So why fight it? Introducing the iPhone 5:

The latest rumor puts the launch of the real iPhone 5 on September 21st, with the worldwide kickoff event scheduled for September 12th. We've also heard that pre-orders will start on that same day.

Josh Wolford
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