iPhone 5 Looks Longer, Thinner in Alleged Boot Video

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A new video has emerged claiming to show the first ever booting up of the new iPhone 5 - and it looks legit (in that the device resembles other leaks and rumored specs).

After the Apple logo loads, here's the message displayed by the "iPhone 5":

This device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program. If you are a member of the program, please register your device in the @@url@@

So, here's the story: A "tipster" came to Chinese tech site Vgooo.com with an iPhone 5 prototype that he "accidentally" discovered while visiting his friend at a Foxconn factory in Jincheng. "Accidentally discovered" or "stole," it doesn't really matter. What does matter is that the phone in the video looks exactly like what many of the leaks have already shown us: it's taller, with a larger screen, a bit thinner, a smaller dock connector.

And the headphone jack is on the bottom (why, Apple, why?).

Of course, it's possible that this could be faked, especially the boot message. Plus, that home button looks really weird. But Mashable is saying that the specifics of the iPhone 5 in the video match up completely with a working model they've seen independently. Check it out for yourself:

You're looking at the iPhone 5. Or, someone manufactured this out of thin air. Or, Apple is playing an elaborate hoax by leaking various parts and "prototypes." Either way, we'll know soon enough. The iPhone 5 event is scheduled for September 12th, and the new device should ship on September 21st. Today, one analyst said that Apple could possibly sell 10 million units in the first week.

[MIC Gadget via Gizmodo]
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