iPhone 5 Impresses People, Even If It's Really Just an iPhone 4S [VIDEO]

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Jimmy Kimmel decided to hit the streets and troll some people yesterday by having them give their impressions on the brand new iPhone 5.

"Much lighter!" said one person.

"Definitely better, and I have the iPhone 4S" said another.

The only problem was that the people weren't actually getting a hands-on with the iPhone 5. Kimmel had simply given them an iPhone 4S and told them it was the new iPhone. But they still loved it, nonetheless.

Check out an example of why Apple fanboys are one of the most derided groups on the internet:

Though some are calling the iPhone 5 an uninspired rehash of the iPhone 4S with a bigger screen, there's a lot to be excited about with the new device. The iPhone 5 comes with a faster A6 processor, and improved camera, a thinner and lighter frame, and yes, a 4-inch display. You can pre-order the device on Friday and it will ship to the U.S. and a half dozen other countries on the 21st.

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