iPhone 5 Has a Laser Keyboard, Holographic Images According to This FOX Affiliate

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With all of those concept videos floating around out there, I'm kind of surprised that this didn't happen sooner.

People are already waiting in line to purchase the iPhone 5, which is set to hit the shelves on September 21st. That's crazy enough. But that's not what's really special about this clip.

FOX 5 in New York sent a reporter to an Apple Store to snag an exclusive interview with a fanboy. Everything seems to be going according to the plan until she starts talking about the features of the new iPhone.

Check it out below:

Of course, the iPhone 5 is launching with a 4-inch screen, better camera, LTE, faster A6 processor, and more - but no lasers. That concept comes to us courtesy an August, 2011 video from Aatma Studios.

This isn't the first time that FOX 5 has hit viral pay dirt, so to speak. You might remember their studio team for the YouTube classic "keep f*ckin' that chicken" moment.

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