iPhone 5 Destroyed with .50 Cal Rifle (In Slow Motion!)

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Last Friday, Apple's new iPhone 5 hit the shelves. People lined up in front of Apple Stores around the world to be the first to walk away with the highly-anticipated device. And it was a successful launch, as Apple has just announced that they sold over 5 million units in its first three days in stores.

But I bet you're really sick of hearing about the iPhone 5, Apple fan or not.

May I suggest...catharsis? High-powered, devastating catharsis.

RatedRR decided to see what a Barrett .50 Caliber sniper rifle would do to Apple's new smartphone. There's not really a lot of suspense there.

Various drop tests have confirmed that the iPhone 5 can take a beating - in fact it's probably the most durable iPhone yet. But nothing could survive this. And I don't really think that was the point anyway.

Happy Monday!

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