iPhone 4S, Siri, iPod Touch The Most Buzzed About Topics From Apple's Big Event

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If you were anywhere on the internet yesterday on any social media site, you probably noticed that Apple's big iPhone event was a much-discussed topic. Whether it was people expressing excitement about new products and features or people expressing disappointment about the lack of an iPhone 5, people were definitely talking.

Social analytics company WebTrends monitored the discussions and found that out of all Apple mentions, the most popular point of conversation was the newly announced iPhone 4S.

This isn't surprising, as the internet has been ablaze with chatter about the new iPhone. What is surprising is the margin - of 1,223,060 online mentions, the iPhone 4S garnered 585,306 of them. It looks like Apple users were relatively unconcerned with the iCloud and the iPod Nano announcements. The real money lies with the iPhone.

Siri came in number two for online buzz, as users were talking about Apple's new voice assistant. Siri will allow iPhone 4S users to schedule appointments and reminders, transcribe voice into text messages, search the web and tons more with nothing but their voice. Siri evens talks back to the user, in order to clarify and give more detail to commands. This new feature has interested some, but also led to some pretty hilarious backlash.

There was also a good amount of online discussion about the new iPhone 4S camera, which is a vast improvement of the iPhone 4 camera. Apple has released some sample photographs taken with the new camera, and they are quite impressive.

In your opinion, what was the biggest part of yesterday's Apple event? Let us know in the comments.

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