iPhone 4S Listed On Vodafone's Website and iTunes

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We're a day away from the big Apple reveal, where they will announce their new iPhone. The big question is which model will be announced: iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S?

For those who are sweating with anticipation, you can put two tallies on the iPhone 4S side. First, 9to5mac has released information that states the iPhone 4S has been given a specific mention inside the latest iTunes beta. The big reveal from this news is there's a placeholder image for the handset, and it looks exactly like the CDMA iPhone 4.

Along with the iTunes beta finding, Macrumors.com discovered the iPhone 4S is already being listed in the accessories compatibility drop-down menus on Vodafone's website. There are listings for the model in both black and white, along with the standard 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB hard drive sizes.

This is a screenshot for the docking cable accessory, and as you can see there are the listings for the iPhone 4S.

Vodafone iPhone 4S

Over the weekend, Apple put up banners for their October 4th event. As expected, it's related to the iPhone with the image looking directly like the event invitations sent earlier. Looking at the picture, there appears to be one security guard watching the perimeter. So if you're feeling frosty, it might be easy to sneak in.

iPhone Event Banner
(Credit: 9to5mac)

The debates have been raging for quite awhile now, whether a brand new model of iPhone would be announced or simply an upgrade. The more optimistic crowd has been rallying around the iPhone 5 chant, with the others simply stating they'd be going the iPhone 4S direction.

What are you hoping to see from Apple's big reveal tomorrow? Will you be happy with a technical upgrade, or are you expecting a massive announcement that will shake the foundations of the mobile world?