Man Pays $900 For First Spot In iPad 2 Line

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Apparently $900 was the going rate for first spot in the iPad 2 line at Apple's flagship store in New York, as college student Amanda Foote found out.

Foote began the line at the store on Wednesday around 5:00 PM. During her wait she endured an entire day of rain along with less than four hours of sleep. She gave up her spot in line around 9:00 AM on Friday to the "highest bidder". Mashable caught up with her, you can check out the video below.

The buyer of her spot, app developer Hazem Sayed, said he was leaving for a business trip shortly and wanted to have the iPad 2 for his travels.

The iPad 2 officially goes on sale at Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Apple stores 5:00 today. For those of you not wanting drop hundreds on a spot in line, online orders are being taken now.

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