iPad Mini To Be Made In Brazil, Launch In September?

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Rumors about Apple's iPad Mini have been coming fast and furious lately. Last week we told you about rumors that the iPad Mini was preparing to go into mass production and was targeted for an autumn launch. Now it looks like those rumors have received some corroboration.

According to a recent report from MacOkatara (Google Translation), Apple's latest gadget is in fact heading for mass production. What's more, it will be built by Foxconn at their factory in Brazil. The facility already produces iPhones and some models of iPad. The report also claims that the iPad Mini will launch in September, rather than October as usually suggested.

Of course, this is all still rumor. Though several generally reliable sources have reported that Apple has an iPad Mini in the works over the last few months, the more specific details have tended to have a somewhat more dubious pedigree. In other words, it's looking like an iPad Mini is coming, and probably sometime this year, but don't start throwing money into the betting pool on anything more specific just yet.

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