iPad Mini Not Particularly Desired, Shows Survey

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New survey data released from TechBargains shows that the iPad Mini might not be as big of a hit as some analysts have predicted.

According to the survey, only 18% of survey respondents planned to purchase the iPad Mini, which is expected to launch late this month or in early November. Half of the people surveyed were not interested in purchasing the device at all.

The people most likely to purchase the iPad Mini are owners of the original iPad. 27% of them said they would purchase the mini-tablet, while only 16% of Kindle Fire owners and those who don't own a tablet are planning on purchasing one.

“Given Apple’s recent success it would be easy to assume that all new Apple products will be wildly popular," said Yung Trang, president and editor-in-chief of TechBargains. "Our survey results indicate that theory is no longer the case. According to our survey respondents, the so called iPad Mini will not be highly coveted because consumers are questioning the necessity of a smaller iPad, especially if they own an iPad or an iPhone.”

The survey also asked people what features they most desire for the iPad Mini. Popular features include a USB port (dream on), a retina display, a memory card slot, and better speakers.

Last month, a different TechBargains survey showed that, before its release, the demand for the iPhone 5 was as high or even higher than for prefious iPhone models. That survey also showed that an alarming percentage of Android smartphone owners actually want an iPhone.