iPad Mini and iTV are Already in Production, Says Analyst

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Apple has already begun production on the iPad Mini and the iTV. According to a Forbes report, Apple manufacturer Hon Hai is currently producing the iPad Mini tablet and the iTV could go on sale before the end of the year.

These proclamations are based on a research note to investors released this week by Jefferies analyst Peter Misek. According to Forbes, Misek came to his conclusions based on supply chain analysis. Misek points out that Hon Hai's July revenues went up, which is odd for that month. This and the fact that supply chain projections of planned iPad builds have been raised to 30 million units for the December quarter convince him that Hon Hai is already manufacturing the iPad Mini.

As for the iTV, Misek bases his speculation on data from Sharp, Hon Hai, and JDS Uniphase (JDSU), the makers of motion control modules found in Microsoft's Kinect. JDSU has said it has a new living room based, non-gaming customer. Misek believes that this refers to Apple's iTV, which he said is in full production.

This morning, more details about what Apple wants a DVR and set-top box device to do were released. The timing of these two stories suggests that Apple might be looking to strike deals with cable companies in an effort to make the iTV and all-in-one solution for network, cable, and streaming TV.

Though Misek believes the iTV could be out by the end of the year, he doesn't believe the official announcement will come soon. Forbes stated that he expects the September 12th Apple press conference to reveal the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, with the iTV announcement coming sometime in the future.