iPad Magicians Show the Magic of Stockholm

IT Management

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What do you get when you combine Swedish magicians and iPads? A quirky presentation about investing in Stockholm real estate, apparently.

Charlie Caper recently posted a video of himself and Erik Rosales pitching the Swedish capitol of Stockholm to a group of real estate professionals. In it, the two use iPads as magic props, showing video on the tablets that coincided with their stage actions. The well-choreographed show demonstrates that technological magic doesn't have to mean the end of "the real thing."

The presentation was preformed in Cannes, France at the Marché International des Professionnels d'Immobilier (MIPIM), a trade show for international real estate professionals.

I can't say I knew much about Stockholm before this presentation, other than knowing that the Scandinavian countries were some of the most prosperous and happy in the world. And even though this presentation was for real estate developers, I think it's safe to say they've sold me on Stockholm.