iPad HD Rumors Get The NMA Treatment

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Later today, Apple is set to unveil their newest tablet to the public at a special media event in San Francisco. Whether it's called the iPad 3 or the iPad HD, it's probably going to be the topic of conversation for quite some time. Many will applaud its new features, while others are sure to lament what Apple left out.

But if my iPad HD doesn't shoot fire, I'm going to be pissed.

Everyone's favorite animators of the news are back with their tribute to all the iPad rumors floating about. Taiwan-based NMA thinks that the current crop of spec rumors - the retina display, 4G LTE, and improved camera - are child's play:

The cryptic invitation intensified an already fevered rumor mill that has been churning out predictions about what new features the third-generation iPad will boast. There is talk of a Retina display, 4G network capability, an improved camera and the integration of Siri, arguably the hottest feature present in the iPhone 4S.

However, we at NMA have it on good authority that the features of the iPad 3 will not be anything like these ... they will be even better.

Check out their vision of the new device below:

So, when Tim Cook takes the stage today, what do you expect? Flame-throwing capabilities? Angry Birds for fetuses functionality? I'm sure most of us can get behind that iPad Tab idea.

All will be revealed soon enough. Hopefully it will be all rainbows, unicorns, and flying elephants. Check out our iPad event coverage here.

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