iPad HD: 4G LTE Support Confirmed?

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The question of whether the forthcoming iPad HD will have 4G LTE connectivity has been giving the rumor mill fits for weeks. One report said that it would, while another argued that the lack of 4G was why the price wouldn't go up. Yesterday a third report said that yes, the iPad HD would have 4G.

Now, though, on the eve of the launch event (which is just over an hour away), the Wall Street Journal has apparently confirmed that the iPad HD will include 4G LTE connectivity. Citing "people familiar with the matter," WSJ says that the iPad will have LTE capability, and that its inclusion should be much better news for Verizon than for rival carrier AT&T. While AT&T does have a 4G network, it is far newer and far smaller than Verizon's.

Speaking of Verizon, they may actually have dropped a hint about the 4G iPad themselves. Yesterday we reported that they had posted a teaser on their website saying that "Something Is Coming." While yesterday's teaser was pretty bland, today they've given it a makeover. Check it out below:

Verizon Reigns Supreme?

Of course, if Apple is preparing to release a 4G iPad, then you can bet we'll be seeing a 4G iPhone, as well. Some expected to see 4G capability in the iPhone 4. When that didn't happen, many expected to see it in the iPhone 4S. Though Apple will undoubtedly remain tight-lipped about what's coming with the next iPhone, it's inconceivable that they would release a 4G iPad now and leave it out of the iPhone later this year.

What do you think? Will 4G make you more likely to buy an iPad HD? Sound off in the comments.