iPad 5 To See Complete Redesign, Will Launch In October [Report]

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The iPhone 5 was the first major change to Apple's iconic mobile device since the iPhone 4. The move to a 4-inch display was the most noticeable change, but there was a number of small adjustments that made it another hit for the Cupertino-based company. The same, however, could not be said for the iPad as its fourth iteration featured no discernable aesthetic difference. That all may change this year.

In a report from iLounge, Editor-in-Chief Jeremy Horwitz claims to have seen a "supposedly accurate" physical model of the iPad 5. In his report, he claims that the iPad 5 will be noticeably smaller than its predecessors. In fact, the next-generation iPad will be taking a cue from the iPad Mini by removing the left and right bezels and reducing the size of the top and bottom bezels to only include enough room for the home button and camera.

So, when we will see this supposedly redesigned next-generation iPad? Horwitz says that Apple is targeting an October release after its previously planned March launch slipped through its fingers. The delay is welcome, however, as it gives Apple ample time to perfect the newest iPad into something that may just wow critics after the disappointing fourth-generation iPad.

The iPad 5 may be the star of this report, but Horwitz adds more credence to the rumors of two iPhones launching this year. He says that the iPhone 5S will look much like the iPhone 5, but feature a larger flash. The other iPhone model coming this year is the same rumored cheaper iPhone that features a plastic body. It will be sold to emerging markets like China where most of the population can't afford the regular iPhone.

As for that rumored bigger iPhone, Horwitz says that it's in the planning stages. He says that it will feature a 4.7-inch display. You shouldn't get too excited though as he says it may never come to market. It's only experimental for now, and it may just remain that way.

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