iPad 3 Won’t Be Getting 4G After All?

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Earlier this morning we covered what appeared to be the first up-close look at an iPad 3. Well, most of an iPad 3, anyway. It seems that Chinese tech blog MIC gadget got their hands on the front and rear panels of the device, and gave the components a pretty thorough examination.

Tucked away in MIC Gadget’s report, though, was an interesting bit of speculation. They note, citing sources, that the price of the iPad 3 will not be higher than that of the iPad 2. While this is a welcome contradiction of earlier rumors, it may come at a price. MIC speculates that the reason Apple is keeping the price the same is that the device will not be getting 4G LTE capability.

Speculation about the iPad 3 has included 4G capability for quite some time. As carriers expand their 4G networks and an increasing number of mobile devices (mostly phones) become 4G-capable, adding the technology to the iPad seems like a logical step. In fact, evidence surfaced early last month that seemed to confirm that the next iPad would have 4G. Screenshots from iBoot diagnostic software reportedly run on a prototype iPad 3 showed the device with 4G connectivity and running a quad-core processor. While the quad-core processor is looking unlikely at this point, many were holding out hope for 4G.

Of course, MIC’s speculation is just that - speculation. While they’re likely right that the iPad 3 won’t be getting a price increase, that doesn’t mean that the device won’t be 4G-capable.

With the iPad 3 (or is it iPad HD?) launch event just two days away, we only have a little while left to wait. While the rumor mill isn’t likely to wind down until Tim Cook leaves the stage on Wednesday, the end is definitely in sight. Until then, check out our full coverage of the iPad 3 here.

What do you think? Would you like to see the iPad 3 get 4G? Does it really need it? Sound off in the comments.

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