iPad 3: "Something Is Coming," Teases Verizon

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With the iPad launch event just about twenty-four hours away, people are starting to get excited. Never one to let a good marketing opportunity pass, Verizon has put a teaser about the tablet at the top of verizonwireless.com.

The tease, seen below, says that "Something is Coming," and offers you the chance to give Verizon your email address so that they can let you know what it is. Of course, they don't actually say that this mysterious "something" is the iPad 3 (iPad HD?), but since nobody else is staging a major launch event for a long-awaited and much-rumored product, there aren't really any other candidates.

Verizon's iPad 3 Tease

Of course, what Verizon doesn't tell you is that by giving them your email address you're probably also setting yourself up to get more emails from them. If you'd rather find other sources all the latest on the next iPad, you can check out our iPad 3 page.