iPad 3 Rumor: Release Date Not Until 2012, Says Analyst

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It's looking more and more like the big fall release for Apple is going to to be the new iPhone, and that's all. Early reports that the iPad 3 might be on the way in time for the 2011 holiday season have been shot down in the last couple of months, and today's indication follows suit.

According to J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, it is highly unlikely that we will see another addition to the iPad family this fall. From All Things D -

"In recent months, there has been rising investor speculation that a new iPad 3 would be launched for the holiday season,” Moskowitz wrote in a research note to clients. “Our latest research continues to indicate that there is no such device slated for production this year. … There are prototypes in the supply chain related to the next-generation device, but our conversations with industry participants suggest that a new device will not be available until sometime in calendar 2012.”

Back in July, rumors surfaced that the iPad 3 or possibly iPad HD would be arriving this fall. Those reports indicated that the new iPad would sport an incredibly high resolution screen, a retina display similar to what's currently available on the iPhone 4. Those rumors suggested a 2048 x 1536 9.7 inch display.

While more recent rumors have maintained the the new iPad 3 will sport a spiffier screen, they have dispelled the thought of a 2011 release. One report from August stated that the trial production of the device might begin this fall, but the release date wouldn't be until at least early 2012.

Although a holiday release would be good for the company, there's really no reason to rush the new tablet. The iPad 2 is still doing great and is completely dominating the tablet scene. It wouldn't really make sense for Apple to put out a new tablet before their previous one celebrated its first birthday.

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