iPad 3 Rumor: Release Date Early 2012 Hints Production Numbers

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Today is a huge day for Apple as the launch of the new iPhone 4S began early this morning. Scores of people camped out or arrived in the wee hours of the morning to get in line to purchase the new device.

But not even a big product launch can stop the behemoth that is the Apple rumor machine. This new rumor isn't about an iPhone, but about the next generation of the iPad.

According to Susquehanna Financial analyst Jeff Fidacaro, the iPad 3 is heading into production.

According to supply chain information, Fidacaro says that Apple is increasing their Q4 iPad builds from 11-13 million to 12-14 million. This increase is apparently to accommodate an early run of iPad 3s.

Here's what he told All Things D:

Since our last month supply chain checks we are now seeing 600,000 to one million iPad 3 builds showing up on the plan for the fourth quarter of calendar 2011.

This would suggest an early 2012 launch of the next-gen tablet. Apple launched the iPad 2 in March of 2012.

Previous rumors have corroborated this prediction. A JP Morgan analyst said in September that it would be highly unlikely to see a new iPad before 2012. Earlier rumors also set a trial production run for October, with an early 2012 release.

As far as the specs go, the iPad 3 is rumored to sport a 9.7 inch, super high resolution screen (2048 x 1536).

As far as actual Apple devices that we can see, ones that aren't just speculation, what do you think about the iPhone 4S? Are you planning to make the upgrade?

Are you satisfied enough with your iPad 2 or other tablet or would you be chomping at the bit to get your hands on an iPad 3? Let us know in the comments.

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