IPad 3 is the New Chuck Norris

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Did you know?:

iPad 3 is so high-def, it makes reality look pixelated!

iPad 3 includes a night light, because the dark is afraid it.

iPad 3 is so awesome, Chinese workers pay to assemble it.

And my personal favorite:

iPad 3 doesn't search the internet, it just b****slaps Siri until it gets the information.

Joyoftech.com came out with a new comic slamming the leaks and hype surrounding the potential IPad 3 release. Revel in the awesomeness that is IPad 3, or post some jokes of your own:

All joking aside, IPad 3 will have some awesome features that make it Chuck Norris worthy (and remember these are all rumors):

The iPad 3 will be thicker, more rounded and carry a larger screen than the iPad 2.

Most Apple watchers have been predicting a retina display for the iPad 3. And It looks like these rumors have been confirmed, we’ll soon get to see what a retina display looks like on a 9.7-inch screen.

The iPad 3 will be getting a significant camera upgrade. Some rumors have suggested that the it will get an 8 MP camera to match the one found in the iPhone 4S, but the opening on the rear panel doesn’t quite confirm that. Interestingly, despite the iPad 3′s thicker form factor, the photos appear to show that some cases designed for the iPad 2 will fit the iPad 3.

Look for it March 7th!!! (again, rumor)

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