iPad 3: iPad HD Name Looking More Likely

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Last week we started hearing rumors that the forthcoming iPad 3 would actually be called the iPad HD. An inventory list of iPad accessories from Griffin and usage statistics from a Romanian developer both referred to the iPad HD instead of the iPad 3.

Now it looks like we may have confirmation of the new name. Following the original reports, both CNet and VentureBeat consulted their sources at Apple, and both confirmed that the new iPad will be the iPad HD.

As noted last week, this sort of thing is pretty typical of Apple. Of the five iPhone models that have been released since 2007, only one (other than the original iPhone) was named for its generation number. The second iPhone was the iPhone 3G, because of its 3G connectivity. The third iPhone got a major speed boost, so was called the iPhone 3GS. The fifth iPhone was the iPhone 4S, with the S presumably representing Siri. That being the case, it stands to reason that a major new feature like the retina display would warrant a non-numbered name for the new iPad. In that case, iPad HD is a logical choice.

Of course, nothing is certain until we actually hear it from the stage at the launch event in San Francisco tomorrow, but it's looking like Tim Cook will be unveiling the iPad HD, not the iPad 3.

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