iPad 3 Gets New Smart Case, iPhone Keeps Glass Back

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One of the more unique aspects of the iPad 2 last year was the device’s Smart Cover. The cover attached to the side of the iPad with magnets. Another set attached to the right side of the tablet’s front panel to keep it closed. The Smart Cover is one of those interesting design choices that Apple is known for.

The Smart Cover has been largely ignored in the run-up to the iPad 3. Now, though, it looks like Apple has been working on a redesign for it, too. According to Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge, the iPad 3 will be getting a new Smart Case. Unlike the Smart Cover, the Smart Case will cover the back of the iPhone as well. The Smart Case is said to retain the magnets in the front cover, with a rear panel made of leather-covered fiberglass. The case is inspired by InCase’s Magazine Jacket for the iPad 2 (just as the Smart Cover was apparently inspired by the original Convertible Magazine Jacket for the iPad).

InCase Magazine Jacket

Horwitz also says, citing “a repeatedly reliable source” at Apple, that rumors of an aluminum rear panel on the next iPhone are false. Apple is apparently only looking at glass or ceramic rear panels for the iPhone. He also said, however, that the next iPhone will likely be thinner than the iPhone 4S, thanks to Corning’s new Gorilla Glass 2 and size reductions of several internal components (including the current 30-pin dock connector).

What do you think? Do you like the Smart Cover idea? Should Apple stick stick with a glass rear panel on the iPhone? Sound off in the comments.