iPad 3 Desired By Nearly One-Third Of Mobile Users

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We are less than a week from the expected launch of the iPad 3. Apple has sent out invitations to the event, and it's set to take place at 10 am local time in San Francisco. Anyone who's spent any time on the internet in the past few months knows that there is considerable buzz about the device - and a new study suggests that nearly one-third of North American mobile users plan on purchasing the new tablet.

Mobile ad network InMobi found that 29% of survey respondents say they're going to buy the iPad 3 when it comes out. Out of that pool, 54% say that the iPad 3 is going to be their first tablet.

Out of those that plan on buying the iPad 3, it's all about speed. It's the most-wanted feature, with 57% of people saying they want faster processing speed. 47% said that longer battery life is important to them and 46% are most excited about that high-res retain display.

"Nearly one-third of respondents are planning to buy the iPad 3, and 44% would only consider the iPad if purchasing a tablet. Interestingly, 65% of those who intend to buy an iPad 3 would consider buying an iPad or iPad 2 at a reduced price instead, indicating that whether or not consumers purchase an iPad 3 versus an older model, the excitement around the iPad 3 release will likely increase iPad penetration in the tablet market," said InMobi VP Anne Frisbie.

Indeed, the price point seems to be an issue with the survey respondents. Half of them said that they were willing to pay over $500 for the new device. If that price point jumps to over $599, however, 57% said that they would opt for on older version. Another thing that might push buyers into an older model of the iPad is the fact that some retailers have begun to drop the price of the iPad 2 in the weeks leading up to the big iPad 3 launch.

It also looks like people want an iPad a lot more than other tablets. 44% said that they wouldn't even consider another tablet other than the iPad. But of those who said they might look elsewhere, 27% said they would look at the Samsung Galaxy and only 14% said they would think about a Kindle Fire.

Another survey published last week said that 53% of current Kindle Fire users plan on buying the iPad 3 when it comes out.

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