iOS5 Tip: How To Take Photos With Your iPhone Using Earbuds

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Any photographer will tell you that a cable release is a great tool to have. It allows you to take a photo without laying a finger on your camera. Now, anyone with an iPhone, sporting iOS 5, has that same capability... all you need is some earbuds.

Earbuds you say?

You read that correctly. Basically you just need to plug in the earbuds, open your camera app, and you'll the have the ability to use the volume button as a cable release. This is huge for iPhone photographers, as taking shots with a camera can be quite taxing sometimes, especially if you don't have the steadiest of hands. I'm sure we can all agree that iPhones don't come with the best shutter buttons, and often times you'll blur a photo just trying to take the photo. Using your earbuds as a cable release will also all you to take burst shots, which was next to impossible to do with the iPhone.

I took the following test photo of Rafael, and his toy collection, utilizing the earbuds as a cable release.

Rafael Robinson

I know you're probably thinking it, and the answer is yes... you can pair your iPhone with various Bluetooth devices and get the same effect. If your Bluetooth device allows you to control the volume of your iPhone, you should be able to take photos with it.

It should be noted that the volume buttons to map correctly to your iPhone for this to be possible though, and all Bluetooth devices might not work.

Do you know of any other neat things you can do with the iPhone? Tell us if the comment section below.

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