iOS 7 Making You Nauseous? Jimmy Kimmel Can Help

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Soon after Apple released iOS 7, some users complained of dizziness, nausea, and headaches. And it wasn't just from the inability to download the damn thing. People claimed that the new operating system was making them feel sick - literally.

With iOS 7 came new app animations that feature a hyper-zoom and a new "Parallax" motion that allows the background screen to move when users shift their devices. These turned out to be the culprits for users' motion sickness.

If you suffer from these symptoms, Jimmy Kimmel has a solution. Kind of...

Although Kimmel has a point, the motion sickness felt by many iOS 7 users is very real. I mean, this forum thread on the issues has over 35,000 views. Unfortunately, there's not much to be done about the zoom animations that permeate the new OS. Those are probably here to stay.

But that Parallax background motion? Well, you can do something about that. Just go to your settings > general > accessibility and turn on the "reduce motion" option. That should make things a little more manageable.

Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live, YouTube

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