iOS 7 Is Getting A Complete Redesign, Will Be Shown At WWDC [Rumor]

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What's black, white and flat all over? iOS 7 if some reports are to be believed.

Sources close to Apple told 9to5Mac that the next iteration of Apple's iOS software will be getting a complete redesign. That redesign will predominantly sport black and white colors while toning down on the textured look that iOS has been known for since its inception in 2007.

Apple Senior Vice President of Industrial Design Jonathan Ive (aka the guy who designed the iPhone hardware) is now in charge of the iOS7 overhaul. He is expected to bring the simplistic design of his hardware to iOS 7. He reportedly feels that Apple's iOS has become complicated in recent years with different visual designs for different apps. His design would unite all of Apple's software under a common aesthetic principle while retaining the simplicity of use iOS fans have come to expect.

Ive's new black and white approach to UI design will find its way into pretty much every facet of the next iteration of iOS. Some examples include a lock screen that's no longer transparent, notifications that ditch the current leather look in favor of a white text on black background, and the home screen will be removing gradient textures from backgrounds and app icons.

Speaking of apps, all of Apple's apps have reportedly been redesigned with the new black and white look in mind. One example is the Notes app, which currently features a yellow notepad look. The new design will likely feature a simplistic white look with black text.

Outside of design, the new mobile OS will also reportedly include integration with Flickr and Vimeo.

We're likely to see if the above rumors are true at Apple's WWDC keynote on June 10. The developer-focused event will likely not feature a lot of new hardware (sorry iPhone fans), but we'll probably get our first look at iOS 7 and the next version of Mac OS X.