iOS 6 Will Sport Gay & Lesbian Emoji

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There are a ton (200+, in fact) of new features that iPhone users will get when iOS 6 drops this fall, but one in particular may give the LGBT community a little smile.

Apple's new OS will come with some new Emojis, the irresistible little emoticons that have been gracing your text messages for years now. This wouldn't really be all that interesting if two of the new images didn't depict two homosexual couples.

That's right, alongside the smiling faces of some heterosexual couples you will see a gay couple and a lesbian couple, each holding hands. We're not quite sure why they lack mouths right now - hopefully that will get fixed before the big release.

Check them out below:

Emoji, originally a Japanese thing, started appearing on some smartphones including Windows Phone and the iPhone. Of course, the cute little thins spread around - party due to the fact that people discovered they could tell creative (read: dirty) stories using simply the images provided. It really helped that there was always one that resembled a giant turd with eyes.

Of course, this might possibly me the most minor new feature to come on iOS 6. Apple's new operating system will include a completely retooled Maps app, a smarter Siri, full Facebook integration, improvements to Safari and the Mail client, and Passbook (Apple's answer to Google Wallet). But for many LGBT couples fighting for inclusion every day, no gesture is too small.

[Via Gizmodo]
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