iOS 6 Starts Showing Up In App Usage Data

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With WWDC 2012 right around the corner, more details about iOS 6, which is likely to be unveiled at the conference, are starting to emerge. At the same time, it appears that iOS app developers are starting to see iOS 6 in the usage data for their apps, which suggests that Apple has reached an active testing phase with the software.

In data obtained by 9to5Mac, at least one developer has found iOS 6 in the analytics data for an app. The usage is still pretty minimal - only a few hits came from iOS 6 devices - but the data gives a bit of a hint as to where iOS 6 is in development. Check out the usage data below (click to enlarge):

iOS 6 App Usage

It's also looking more and more like iOS 6 won't be the only goody Apple will show off at the conference. In addition to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and possible updates to iCloud, it also appears likely that we'll be seeing upgrades to the MacBook Pro, iMac and MacBook Air.

Given that Apple is testing iOS 6 internally with App Store apps, as this data suggests, the odds are extremely good that Apple will unveil the software at WWDC 2012. It's possible that a release of the software could come within a couple months, however it's most likely that iOS 6 will release with the next iPhone, which will probably be coming in October.

[Image Credit: iPhone Hacks]

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