iOS 6 Maps Got You Down? Foursquare Says They Have "The Perfect Map"

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Although iOS 6 is overwhelmingly popular (Apple announced 100 million upgrades already), one aspect of Apple's new mobile operating system is leaving a lot to be desired.

Apple ditched Google Maps for their own iOS 6 Maps project, and the results have been...oy vey. From the first day that iOS 6 was available to download, users have been complaining about the new Apple maps app. Missing landmarks, misplaced landmarks, and altered landscapes are just a few of the problems hounding iOS 6 maps. And apparently, the maps have a tendency to lead users off cliffs and such.

In all, iOS 6 maps are probably not what users or Apple envisioned. Location based check-in app Foursquare is using the Apple maps hate to promote their own maps product.

In a "hey, Apple maps suck - use us"-themed blog post, Foursquare describes why the maps function within their app is "the perfect map."

"We don’t give one-size-fits-all results; we make the smartest, most personalized recommendations possible. That means we do things like show you a local coffee shop that 3 of your friends have been to before we show you a national chain, give you an array of excellent hot dog choices when you first arrive in Chicago, and help you figure out where to get dessert after you’ve checked in at dinner," they say.

Foursquare recently updated their app to expand on the "explore" tab, which allows users to find locations based on loads of their own check-in data, and data from friends. If you are a person who used the native iOS map app when searching for specific locations, Foursquare thinks you should jump on over to their ship.

As a bonus, Foursquare says that their map experience boasts useful information about any location you search, including hours, menus, photos, and most importantly - tips.

Earlier this year, Foursquare ditched Google Maps as well, opting to join to OpenStreetMap movement.

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