iOS 6 Maps Flyover Hacked To Run On An iPhone 4

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One of the biggest things unveiled at Apple's WWDC 2012 keynote on Monday was the new Maps app for iOS 6. Quite apart from its implications in the ongoing battle between Google and Apple, it packs in several new features. Most notably, it comes with turn-by-turn navigation (which is fully integrated with Siri), and an amazing new 3D mode called Flyover.

Unfortunately, Flyover will not be available on all iOS devices. While iOS will run on a pretty wide variety of iOS devices, not every feature is available on every device. For example, Siri is coming to the new iPad, but not to the iPad 2. FaceTime over 3G is only coming to the new iPad and the iPhone 4S. Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation will only run on the iPhone 4S, the iPad 2, and the new iPad.

Or will they?

Shortly after the keynote ended, Apple made the beta version of iOS 6 available to developers. Surprisingly, it turns out that if you release a beta version of your software to people who create software for a living, some of them are going to work on getting it to do things you didn't mean for it to do. In this case, one of them managed to get Flyover working on an iPhone 4. Using a jailbreak tweak called 3DEnabler, a Russian developer named Anton Titkov managed to get Flyover running on his iPhone 4, though turn-by-turn navigation appears not to be working. Two videos of the Flyover feature in action on Titkov's iPhone 4 were posted earlier today by Russian site iGuides (Google Translation). You can check them out for yourself below:

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