Internet Use In Hotels Up 50%

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Internet use by both business and leisure guests at hotels increased more than 50 percent in 2009, according to a new report by iBAHN, an Internet service provider for 2,200 hotels globally.

Hotel guests spent 60 percent more time online and downloaded 50 percent more data, based on tracked packet and session length information. This confirms the predictions from an iBAHN- commissioned, 2009 study of business travelers conducted by Ypartnership.

iBAHN Ypartnership found more than two-thirds of frequent business travelers have downloaded music onto their computers (67%) while nearly 60 percent have downloaded video. More than half have downloaded news (54%) or entertainment (52%). Downloads of video and music consume considerably higher bandwidth and data than the average email or browsing session.

"The implication of this trend for hoteliers is profound as it clearly points to the conclusion that the "free to guest" model of providing free access in all locations of the hotel at all times to all guests is economically unrealistic given guests' differing bandwidth needs," iBAHN said.

"Because costs for bandwidth continue to increase exponentially, hoteliers will continue to see higher overall expenses related to their broadband offering, without commensurate benefits in either daily rates or occupancy."

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