Internet Down at Pentagon

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The US military's Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) shut down internet access Thursday at the Pentagon, while work was being done to fix an unspecified issue. The blackout began at about 10 AM, and included a lot of military downrange (slang for those deployed overseas), including combatant commands, did not have internet either.


DISA is a Defense Department agency that affords command and control support to national level leaders and joint-war fighters "across the full spectrum of operations," adding that "we (DISA) are leaders enabling information dominance in defense of our Nation," according to their website.

A Pentagon employee told FOX that users were able to check email from the Pentagon, but were cut off from the internet. A Pentagon official familiar with network security said the outage was not in response to any kind of cyber-attack, adding, "we'd all know it and DISA would have done what is called a blanket protocol, shutting down all sorts of access until they isolated the source of the attack."

DISA has stated that there has not yet been any "indication of an attack," and it is expected the internet will soon come back online.

Last year, the Pentagon declared a hack on Lockheed Martin to be potentially classified as an act of war. And regarding the Pentagon, take a look at Apple's "Retrograde Cocoon" design proposed for its headquarters.

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