Internet Broadcasting Introduces New Hover Ad

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Internet Broadcasting has introduced a new collapsible ad unit it calls the "IB Hover Ad", aimed at giving online advertisers more visibility while allowing for user control.

The hover ad is anchored to the bottom of a user's browser, with an above the fold presence even when the user scrolls up and down a Web page.  The ad can be minimized by the user at any time, leaving a branded button at the bottom of the screen that can be expanded or closed.

David-Lebow "Our partners are always seeking fresh and effective methods for their local advertisers. IB is innovating to make advertising more effective in an environment that's good for the consumer," said David Lebow, CEO of Internet Broadcasting.

"The IB Hover Ad is another powerful tool in our clients' arsenal."

Post-Newsweek Stations, Inc. is one of the first media partners testing the new ad format across its network of regional broadcast television station websites.

"We see the IB Hover Ad as a new opportunity for our advertisers," said Catherine Badalamente, Director of Digital Media at Post-Newsweek Stations.

"It gives them added visibility and branding -- and provides a great new way to promote offers and special sales. We've been selling the IB Hover Ad in beta for three weeks and advertisers have already seen a return on their investment, which gives us an advantage over other Web sites in our market.