Intel CEO Says Windows 8 Isn't Ready For Release [Rumor]

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We're a little over a month away from the launch of Windows 8 on October 26. It's the biggest change for the Redmond-based company since the launch of Windows 95. A lot is riding on this launch and Microsof has been pushing the operating system as hard as they can. Intel has been pushing right alongside them, but the processor maker may not be as confident in Windows 8 as Microsoft is.

Bloomberg reports that Intel CEO Paul Otellini recently spoke to employees in Taiwan about Windows 8. The CEO reportedly said that Windows 8 isn't ready for release according to a person who was in attendance. If Windows 8 truly isn't ready, the release could turn into a fiasco similar to the debacle that was Windows Vista.

Still, Otellini was reportedly optimistic about the future of the company. He noted that processor sales were down due to lackluster demands for PCs, but he expected the market to grow in 2013. He also said that the company will not have to lay off workers.

Intel has been pushing a little into the mobile market, but the company is still primarily dedicated to the desktop computing scene. Intel processors can be found in just about every pre-built Windows PC with enthusiast PC builders also turning to the company for their top-of-the-line i7 CPUs.

The company may seem some success late this year and early next year as its processors will be used in a variety of Windows 8 tablets. Microsoft's Surface tablet will launch with an ARM-based CPU this year, but next year's Windows 8 Pro Surface will feature an Intel-based CPU. Other tablet manufacturers are also turning to Intel to power their mobile experience.

It's safe to say that Intel should be fine going into next year. They are moving into mobile, and Intel's chips have been historically better than the competitions. The only problem they will have going forward is reducing the price of their CPUs. Otellini's comments, however, add more anxiety to the already worrisome launch of Windows 8.