Integration Of All Google Services With Google Apps Planned

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Google Apps customers may soon have a lot more options in terms of which of the company's other products and services they'll be able to access from their official accounts.  Google intends to let customers remove all restrictions sometime in the next six months.

GoogleIf you're unfamiliar with Google Apps, here's what that boils down to: people will be able to do things using services other than conventional productivity offerings like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Groups, and Google Docs.

A post on the Official Google Enterprise Blog explained, "[C]oworkers will be able to publish their organization's blog on Blogger, share project images with Picasa Web Albums, track industry news in Google Reader, advertise online with AdWords and much more, all without switching back and forth between multiple accounts."

Administrative types don't need to worry that this change will introduce new distractions and create a mess of their workplace, either, because Google is going to grant admins the ability to set different services off-limits.

As for the timing of the move, the official blog post stated, "We intend to have all Standard, Premier and Education Edition customers moved to the new infrastructure that enables this change in the fall, and customers who would like more control over the timing of this change will be able to make the switch voluntarily during the summer."

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